Alter Kasten

Originally, the “Alter Kasten” consisted of two buildings. Their stone ground floors were crowned with a multi-story timber-framed structure which thus connecting them. In the second half of the 16th century, the noble family of Degenfeld had their city residence here. A stone coat of arms above a lintel in the passage to Schillerplatz serves as a reminder.

In 1707, the administration of the Oberhofen Foundation converted the noble residence into a granary. In 1886, a women’s vocational school was established here. After that, the rooms served as the housekeeping and agricultural vocational school. Since 1983, the “Alter Kasten” has housed the city archives, the administration of the municipal museums, the museum and archive of the Schönhengstgau Heritage Association, and the Banat Heimatstube (local heritage room).

The current passage through the building to Schillerplatz, with the gateway, is, however, a modern creation: In the past, there was no ancient city gate here.