Apostel hotel

The “Hotel to the Apostels'” on unteren Marktstraße was once the first house in town. It is located near the train station, making it an attractive lodging option for railway travelers. Since 1847, Göppingen has been connected to the railway network, which significantly contributed to its rise as an industrial city. The current building is a newly constructed one completed in 2019, which incorporates the historic facade. In addition to hotel operations, it also contains apartments and retail spaces.

The heyday of the hotel is closely associated with the Pfeifle family. Julius Friedrich Pfeifle  originally from Leutkirch, as well as his son and grandson, both named Friedrich, shaped the destiny of the establishment for many decades. In 1872, Julius Friedrich Pfeifle acquired the “Gasthof zu den Aposteln” located just outside the city gates. The heart of the establishment was the “Walhalla Hall at the Apostle Hall.” Known simply as the Apostel Hall, it became a meeting place for the people of Göppingen. It was a popular venue for club celebrations, theater performances and balls. The restaurant gained fame beyond the city limits. Many distinguished guests stayed at the hotel, including the Russian crown prince and Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. In the 1880s, the building was expanded by an additional floor to accommodate more guest rooms. The heyday of the Apostel came to an end in the 20th century. In 1949, the hall was converted into a cinema. In 1961, the restaurant ceased operation, replaced by a supermarket in the premises.