Foggia Square

Foggia Square is situated between the Freihof Gymnasium and the former pump house of the old fire brigade, which is now used by the school. In November 1989, a proposal for the design of the square was submitted by the partner city of Foggia. The “Stele” was designed by the then Foggian cultural assessor, Raffaele Capocchiano. Since 1971, there has been a twinning partnership between Göppingen and the Apulian city of Foggia. The shared history plays a role in this, as both cities are connected through the Staufer dynasty. The Staufer Emperor Frederick II chose Foggia as his favorite residence. This explains the eagles above the capitals of the four steles: they represent Frederick’s coat of arms.

Furthermore, Göppingen maintains lively twinning partnerships with the Austrian city of Klosterneuburg, the Thuringian city of Sonneberg, and the French city of Pessac.