Historical walk
  • Hohenstaufenstadt Göppingen

    Welcome to the Hohenstaufenstadt of Göppingen.

  • Town hall Göppingen

    The Göppingen town hall is located in the heart of Göppingen on the market square.

  • Adelberger Kornhaus

    Where the town library is housed today was once the seat of the Adelberg monastery.

  • Foggia Square

    Göppingen and Foggia in Apulia have been twinned since 1971.

  • Freihof

    The site was built over in 1874 with a school building, today the old building of the Freihof-Gymnas

  • Synagogue Square

    The synagogue was built in 1880/81 according to plans by Christian Friedrich von Leins.

  • Castle

    The castle was built between 1556 and 1565.

  • Marstall

    The half-timbered building was completed in the middle of the 16th century.

  • City church

    The town church is located in the middle of the town center, north of the main street.

  • Alter Kasten

    From 1707 until the 19th century, the building served as a granary.

  • Storchen

    The stately half-timbered house, known simply as the "Storchen" for short.

  • Wühlestraße

    If you follow the road from the "Storchen" to the east, you will find yourself in Wühlestraße.

  • Apostel hotel

    The hotel "zu den Aposteln" in the lower Marktstraße was once the first house on the square.